Upholstery Cleaning

We specialize in Upholstery cleaning.  Years of dirty hands and shoe marks disappear when we clean your furniture.

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Area Rugs

We LOVE doing Area Rugs.  These rugs are the accents in your home and we'll make them bring your rooms back to life!

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Evening Appointments Available

You work days so we work nights and Saturdays by appointment.

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Why Hire The Selmanizer?

We are a professional area rugs, carpet and upholstery cleaning company, with 18 + years of experience.  We are a respectable bonded and reliable service provider!
Our motto is not limited only to what we can write here for you the consumer to read. But what I, Gary Selman, and my team can do in YOUR HOME for you as my client!

We can remove up to 99.9%:

Bacteria, most: inks, candle wax, makeup and nail polish. Paint etc.

I have a within three day policy:  Should there be within reason any untampered problem re: wick back.  (Wick Back is the term for when a stain has gone so deep that it returns after being cleaned).

I will return and correct it on my dime.

Hence, this is why we do the job right the first time!

Note: dyed, Bleached or unforeseen situation all spelled out on our contract.

Should there be within reason any untampered problem like wick back.  I will return and correct it on my dime.

We have what it takes to give the lasting impression and LOYAL service provider to you for many years to come...

Don’t just clean SELMANIZ!


Gary Selman.


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